• Comprehensive Advising:  We work with all family members to develop healthy relationships to money, wealth and philanthropy.
  • Mission & Vision Building:  Helping families discover who they are, what they are about and what they want to accomplish.
  • Family Action Plans:  We work together to create systematic and strategic processes to act on the family mission.  We also create family action plans around allowance and budgeting for children in order to create an environment where children develop a healthy relationship to money.
  • Legacy Planning:  Capturing family stories and making legacy planning a reality
  • Retreats:  We work with you to plan family retreats that allow for much needed bonding and relaxation, while setting aside time for value based decision making, philanthropic education and generational storytelling.
  • Family Meetings:  We bring together multi-generational stakeholders around the table for philanthropic discussions and decision making.  
  • Recording Family Stories and assisting with the creation of Ethical Wills: Sharing and uncovering a family's wealth creation stories and immigration stories, often set the stage for grounded conversations about family values. Ethical Will writing is a tool to unsure your values live on.



  • Philanthropic Navigation Services:  With a focus on athletes, tech entrepreneurs, and those inheriting significant wealth, we manage and navigate the many demands in regards to time and philanthropic resources.  We take time to get to know you, help set goals, understand the field and decide how best to work with your family structure.
  • Coaching:  We coach you on how to engage the non-profit field through leadership and board service, and how to maintain healthy relationships to money. 



  • Client Integration:  We provide tools and tips for professional teams on how to speak with their clients about philanthropy-helping them articulate who they are what they care about and what they want to achieve.  
  • Non-profit Advising:  We vet and recommend nonprofit organizations that fall into your clients' funding interests. 
  • Client Family Workshops:  We coach clients on productive ways to have open conversations with their children about wealth, and provide tools on raising well-grounded children amidst wealth.
  • Next Generation Training:  We help families train the next generation of wealth holders and guide decisions on appropriate budgets, gifts, and financial access and acumen based on age.



Schwartzman Advising creates customized curricula and programs that:

  • Serve multigenerational donor families
  • Educate donors on the community on issues the foundations are prioritizing
  • Deepen relationships between foundation staff and donors, and among donors themselves.
  • Create collaborations and strengthen relationships and fundraising for the community
  • Create youth philanthropy programs
  • Help the foundation think strategically how to increase donors, deepen connections to them,  and grow support for the nonprofit field