Here's just a small sampling of the inspiring work we've been involved with over the years.

Family Philanthropy Retreats: We create tailored philanthropic experiences that bring families together; get them excited about giving, and move them forward on a path toward a healthy relationship with wealth and strategic philanthropy.

Community Foundation Family Philanthropy Curriculum: We developed curriculum and a 5 -session program that met foundation goals and brought families together to learn by doing.  We tailored the program for specific age ranges and that matched and highlighted foundation expertise and engagement.  The most recent program topic was workforce development.  These programs strengthen relationships amongst families and between foundation staff and multigenerational program participants.  

Ethical Wills: We assist in creating and recording your values and hopes and dreams for the next generation so that your values live on.

Teen Philanthropy Programs:  Developed and facilitated, for over a decade, one of the most esteemed teen philanthropy programs internationally.  Over 700 teenagers developed into life long philanthropists and over $2.5 Million raised for an array of non-profits. Here is the Impact Report for the first ten years of the Jewish Teen Foundation

Women's Fund: Sue co founded the SF Jewish Women's Fund.  Bringing together high capacity women to leverage their philanthropic impact and influence. Having the opportunity to learn and give in a peer group strengthens the members and the community.

Jewish Community Federation's Day of Philanthropy:  For the past four years, Sue has been responsible for designing, facilitating and presenting the latest trends and generational models of excellence in the field.  

7th Grade Giving Project:  Worked with several Bay Area private schools where students have spent time learning about issues they care about and nonprofits that do work in those areas.  The students present the identified nonprofits to peer grant committees at their schools, which has resulted in them raising and donating over one million dollars. 

Workshops & Community Engagement

Workshops for Financial Professionals providing tools and tips on talking to clients about philanthropy.

Workshops for Financial Institutions high end clients on “Talking to Your Kids About Wealth.”

Work with some of the Bay Area's most esteemed Community Philanthropists to uncover and record their story and share it across generations and with the community.

Consulted on the development of a teen fund model for youth of Silicon Valley Investors.