Schwartzman Advising works with high net worth individuals and multi-generational families, to help them systematically and strategically engage in philanthropy and volunteerism.

Our authentic and personal approach helps unfold what people care and are passionate about and develops strategic plans for acting upon these determined values.  

We're focused on cultivating lasting, multi-generational relationships and advising on all aspects that allow families to live well with wealth.

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our clients:

“Sue’s insightful support of our family foundation’s mission and activities paved the way for greater understanding of the needs and desires of all participating family members. Her sensitivity, clarity and intelligence were spot on and exactly what was needed to help pave the way to a successful outcome.

I enthusiastically recommend Sue to any and all foundations who need to supplement their internal experience and expertise with a facilitator who is trained to handle both long range and short term challenges.”

- Roxanne Quimby, Co-Founder Burt’s Bees

"Sue cuts a path for clients, connecting intentions and values to actionable opportunities in the community with rare and expert 360-degree sensitivity: from the giver to the recipient to the community at large."

- Wendy Kesser Yanowitch

“Sue radically transformed my life in too many ways to list. I needed a cause I could dive into that could be "my thing." You empowered, you inspired, and you provided me with that “thing." You continued to shape and transform me but did so with a soft touch allowing me to search and struggle to find my path in life, to understand the type of person I wanted to be.“

- Rachel Levenson

OUR Approach

Our passion lies in building authentic connections with all family members, young and old, setting up systems that allow families to thrive generation to generation, and ultimately leaving a lasting impact on both the family and community they are proud of.  We connect with each family member to elevate them personally and to help them reach their apogee of philanthropic and personal potential. 

Schwartzman Advising leverages a national network of consultants and industry experts in various fields  to best advise on each unique project.  We help our clients achieve the most from their resources.  It takes purposeful planning and strategic action plans to support individualized values.  From first time wealth earners to multi-generational families,  we help  set the tone, expectations, and opportunity for those close to you to get involved in giving and living a life driven by meaningful values.

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