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Breaking Into the $100Billion Inside Donor Advised Funds- Whole Whale Podcast

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Check out my recommendations for instilling philanthropic practice in your kids- Investors Business Daily- October 30,2017

In Silicon Valley, too little giving goes to the local poor:

Youth Philanthropy and Service Programs -  A program of the Jewish Community Federation for high school students to learn to run their own non -profit foundation and to be strategic grantmakers and fundraisers.  A new resource for youth service.  The Bay Area platform will launch in late March or early April A new international hub to inspire, connect, and inform youth grantmaking

YouthPhilanthropyconnect-  Freida C Fox Foundation-Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC) connects youth grantmakers (ages 8-21) and the adults who support them to each other, to resources, and learning. 

Repair the World  - Repair the World is a long-time supporter of high-quality Alternative Break programs for young adults.

Gideon Hausner- Avodah L’olam and Service Curriculum-  Hausner Jewish Day School deeply connects both learning and living Jewish values in its curriculum and daily practice.

Los Altos Community Education Foundation Program E3 –Educates and engages local youth to effect positive change in their local and global communities through service learning, leadership training, and grantmaking activities.

Sv2 teens – Teen Philanthropy program for the kids of Sv2 investors


For Young Adults

21/ Serves next gen donors with both weekend programs- The Next Gen Donor Retreat, and also ongoing connection and training through their Grand Street program. 

Resource Generation- Organizes young people of wealth around power, identity and social equity


Recommended Books for Kids

PJ Library – Lists of books for young children on tzedakah, visiting the sick, feeding the homeless, etc.  Books are identified by value and age appropriateness


Recommended Research and Website

Next Gen Donor Study conducted by The Johnson Center and 21/64

National Center for Family Philanthropy Giving News

On Philanthropy: 7 Trends in Philanthropy to expect in 2017

Family Foundations: Millennials Take Charge